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Proofreading Service

This is an essential service specifically designed for authors who want to concentrate on the language and grammar correction. Under this service, our native expert editors ensure that your paper checked with grammar errors, spelling errors, and even typos. You can also easily track back the revisions in the final version delivered to you.

  • Covering all the language and grammar corrections aspect along with style and consistency.
  • Your paper will be edited by a subject-matter expert from a native English country.
  • Edited by 3 layers of an editorial process which ensures our quality commitment.
Additional Features
  • Editing Certificate
  • Free Q&A with Editor
  • Manuscript Formatting
  • Re-editing Support (365 Days)


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Service Features

Manuscript Formatting

We ensure that specific formatting requirements are adhered to as per your target journal guidelines mentioned in Instructions to Authors page. This also covers the application of style guides (e.g., APA, MLA, and CMoS).

Re-editing Support (365 Days)

Get your paper re-edited unlimited time under free re-editing support features. This service is chargeable with a 70% discount under the Proofreading service. Under, re-editing support, our editors will cover any changes made the manuscript for the same targeted journal.

Editing Certificate

After completion of premium editing or publish-ready editing, we also provide the certificate of editing as proof of an English editing job, which can help during the publishing process. At the time of submission, this might be requested by International Journals.

Free Q&A with Editor

We understand that many authors have several queries for their paper hence, we offer free unlimited rounds of Q&A between our editors and authors. This helps you to connect with your editor to discuss any key points which you want to address during your editorial process.
12+ Years of Industry Experience

Our editors hold decades of proofreading and editorial experience. When ordering from Edit Insider, you only receive the Precision in Perfectly Edited Manuscript. We don’t mind going to great lengths to ensure you are completely satisfied with the quality of the final edited draft.


Process Flow

your Projet

We will assess your submission and discuss the results with you The next step is to form a plan on how and what needs to be done.

Project Assigned to
Subject Expert

Your Journal/dissertation will be assigned to a subject expert who will be responsible for it during the duration of the project.

and Reviewing

Our subject experts will edit your journal for errors and format it with citation according to the guidelines.

and Submit

In this step, the edited paper is reviewed by a senior editor who ensures that the document is 100% error free and complies

Subject Area Expertise

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